Tuesday, May 7, 2013


EDIT: Texas Policy Action's report is out. It is a "no" rating. It mistakenly says that the bill is "placing mandates on private enterprise." But it's for public employees! And one of their values is individual liberty. They say a woman can choose to breastfeed, but she is not free to choose both (to breastfeed and to work) if she is unsupported in her workplace. This report demonstrates a lack of knowledge regarding lactation and a complete and utter dismissal of family values. I think we should continue to urge them to change it to neutral, if not yes.

In addition to contacting them by email and phone below, they are on Facebook and on Twitter @TPPAction. As always - BE NICE! We need them to hear us as parents, not feel berated by a bunch of crazy, rude lactivists.

Tonight (Tuesday, May 7) we need everyone to send an email, please.  Texas Policy Action will issue their bill ratings tonight.  Many Republican members value these ratings and Texas Policy Action's liberty principle of limited government.  However, HB 741 is an important bill for family values, parental rights, and public health.  We need them to hear from parents what a "no" rating means for us.  Ask them to rate HB 741 "neutral."  Do NOT bring up HB 1706 - it's not on their radar right now & we don't want to put it there. 

Please send a quick email to hbell@texasaction.com, nferguson@texasaction.com. If you need some help, there are a few talking points at the end of this post.

Currently the voice mail is full, but if you'd like to try, please call 512-369-3453.

Thank you all for your late-night activism!

Talking Points for Emails to Texas Policy Action

  •  A mom who can pump breastmilk at work takes fewer sick days and lowers health insurance costs. 
  • Moms who receive breastfeeding support at work are more dedicated employees with less turnover since their need to express milk has been fulfilled. 
  • Per current law, every business with more than 50 employees is required to have a private area suitable to express breastmilk for their non-exempt employees. The business would not need to set up a separate area for additional employees. If a lactation area has not been established, it is very easy to repurpose an existing space into a private area suitable for breastfeeding.
  • Breastfed babies are less likely to be sick thanks to antibodies in their mothers' milk. This means less sick days for both parents.
  • Breastfeeding is a parental right. 
  • Breastfeeding supports families.

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