Thursday, May 16, 2013

ACTION ALERT: Call Lt. Governor Dewhurst TODAY 5/16/13

At this point, we need the support of  Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.  Please call and simply ask for his support of HB 741.  Calls can be made by anyone, regardless of residency.

Phone calls must, MUST be respectful.  Even if the person you speak to is curt, cold, dismissive, or rude, it is vital to the future of not just this bill but any future breastfeeding legislation that we represent breastfeeding advocates well.  There can be no hostility, no accusations, no name calling.  Of course the majority of people would never ever be rude.  There have been reports of antagonistic calls, though; hence this word of caution.  We are passionate about our cause. We mustn't let our passion overrule our skills at diplomacy.

Please call (512) 463-0001 and ask that Lt. Gov. Dewhurst support HB 741.  Takes 30 seconds. 

If you are a conservative voter, mention this.  You may believe in limited government in most regards, but in this case the issue of family values and public health necessitate some regulation.

IF you are asked any questions (which isn't likely), here are some talking points:

HB 741
  • closes a loophole to provide public salaried employees with the same support to express breastmilk that hourly employees have through FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act).
  • passed unanimously out of the House Business and Industry Committee.
  • garnered bipartisan support in the House and passed the House by a vote of 90 to 46.
  • allows employers to reap the benefits of decreased health care costs, lower employee absenteeism for sick days, and increased loyalty of experienced employees.
  • will increase breastfeeding rates, therefore will improve the economy as well as public health.

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